Carrosserie Nice Cars

Boulevard Industriel 198C, 1070 Anderlecht
Carrosserie Nice Cars

Carrosserie Nice Cars

Located since 1989 in Anderlecht, Nice Cars body shop will be happy to welcome you in its workshops to repair your vehicle. This body shop is approved by most insurance companies and provides you with various repair services in case of car damage, so that your vehicle is returned to you as new as on the first day. And no matter the extent of the damage, this company and its enthusiastic team will take care of you.

A complete professional follow-up

Carrosserie Nice Cars ensures you a service from A to Z so that you get back your vehicle as on the first day in the shortest amount of time. The different processes are all carried out internally in the premises and workshops of Carrosserie Nice Cars, and in compliance with manufacturer standards. The staff is constantly trained on all the new technologies and will be able to take care of the different repairs, whether they concern traditional work or more specialized work. And for all the works, the Carrosserie Nice Cars is very well equipped to answer as well effectively as quickly to all the requests.

Satisfaction guaranteed

While your vehicle is being repaired, about twenty vehicles of two years old and less than 35,000 kilometers are at your disposal, so that you do not have to cancel your appointments scheduled that day. And on top of that, this detail-oriented company will return your vehicle after it has been carefully tested and inspected so you can drive with complete peace of mind. In short, from the repair to the return of your vehicle, this company takes care of everything by providing professional services so that you are completely satisfied. As a proof, each time a vehicle is repaired in one of their workshops, the satisfaction rate is always higher than 95%.

Lifetime warranty

Besides guaranteeing its repairs for 3 years and its paints for life, Carrosserie Nice Cars attaches great importance to the environment by constantly sorting its waste. And to top it all off, this company is surrounded by the best: member of the Five Star network; annually approved by New Avicar Plus and "Réparation Durable", which are among the best quality labels; member of the European Schadenet network; and approved by the leasing majors.

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